China's 10 most notable noodle dishes

China’s 10 most notable noodle dishes

Tomorrow is China’s 70th birthday. Food is always an indispensible part of any birthday celebration, and in China, as traditional would have it, the signature birthday dish is not a cake, but a bowl of noodles. The noodles are known as changshoumian, which literally means “long-life noodles”. Chinese people believe that the longer the noodle, the better the wishes for a long and healthy life.

interview with Melissa living in China

Interview with South African expat living in China

Today’s interview is with Melissa, South African expat living in China. Melissa is 27-year-old South African currently working as an ESL teacher at an international kindergarten in China. She is an animal lover and a nature enthusiast. 

Shanghai launches new program for tourists 2019

Shanghai launches new program for tourists

Three of Shanghai’s top destinations, the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower and the Shanghai Wildlife Park, have jointly launched a new city pass program to attract tourists both from home and abroad.

Oily expats in China

Are you an ‘oily foreigner?’

As “oily” becomes a buzz word to describe certain types of people, Chinese talk about what they identify as an “oily”expat.

Chinese cities Christmas celebrations 2018

Chinese cities crack down on Christmas celebrations

Citizens told to focus on promoting traditional Chinese culture amid broader clampdown on churches. Chinese authorities are cracking down on Christmas. Several cities, schools, and government institutions have ordered citizens not to celebrate the holiday and to instead focus on promoting traditional Chinese culture.

Shanghai Disney 10 million visitors

Shanghai Disney takes the mickey out of Hong Kong with 10 million visitors

Shanghai Disney Resort has announced that more than 10 million people have visited the park after 11 months of operations, outshining its Hong Kong counterpart which had posted losses for two consecutive years. The joint-venture US$5.5 billion theme park between Walt Disney and the Shanghai government saw its visitor number beat that of Hong Kong Disneyland, whose park attendance hit 6.1 million in the fiscal year ended October 1, 2016.